Residential Driveways

Roadside Paving Ltd. offers a variety of residential asphalt paving & interlocking projects such as driveways and walkways in the Toronto area.

Looking to add value to your home? Our experienced sales team will work together with you in recreating a beautiful entrance to your home.

Our scope of work consists of removing the old asphalt driveway and disposing of the material safely. Installing the proper granulars to bring your driveway to the proper grade ensuring all grading is sloped away from the house to create positive slope, once this has been completed Roadside will compact your driveway so it may be used while the driveway has a chance to settle and dry.

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Our office will contact you prior to mobilizing to schedule the driveway to be paved.

Please contact us for a free consultation and a competitive quote on your home project.

View some of Roadside Paving’s Residential work: