Health & Safety

Contractor Check Accredited MemberThe management at Roadside Paving is committed to maintaining a strong Health and Safety Program that protects its Employees, Contractors, Clients and the general public for a safe and secure workplace. Our safety program includes worker orientation to health and safety and site hazards, W.H.I.M.I.S. training, First Aid Training and general construction safety.

In order for Roadside Paving to run as safely as possible on the day to day operations, we have professional individuals in place such as our site supervisors and our Health and Safety Representatives to assure you that we will take every reasonable effort to enforce safety. We will provide proper and relevant worker training and safe work procedures to all our employees. We will protect the environment in all aspects of our operations.

We believe that no job has priority over safety and we will continue to train our staff in all aspects of the construction industry under the W.H.M.I.S. Program.

Roadside Paving Ltd. an accredited member of Contractor Check, which is an independent third party pre-qualification Health & Safety Accreditation program for contractors. We haveĀ undergone a complete assessment of ourĀ Health & Safety policies and procedures, training, and insurance compliance.

Safex Workplace Safety Managers