Roadside Aggregates Go Green Recycle and Reuse

Roadside Aggregates was established in 2007 as a concrete disposal facility located at 125A Toryork Drive North York Ontario M9L 1X9.

We have received and recycled several million tons of concrete that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Our aggregates meets and comply with all O.P.S.S. 1010 standards and are tested on a regular basis for quality and purity.

We stockpile and supply all limestone, recycled and granular A and B products at our concrete facility. Our facilities are easily accessible to dump trucks, trailers and roll-offs. Fees for dumping vary depending on the size of the load.

We are flexible with our schedule, with prior arrangements. As a supplier of crushed stone materials, we produce and deliver crushed stone products directly to your job site via trailer or tri-axle.

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Roadside Aggregates – Products

2″ (50mm) Recycled Crushed Concrete
3/4″ (19mm) Recycled Crushed Concrete
2″ (50mm) Crusher Run
3/4″ (19mm) Crusher Run2″ (50mm) Clear Stone
3/4″ (19mm) Clear Stone1/4″ (7mm) Screening
Sand & Gravel
Brick Sand
2″ (50mm) and 3/4″ (19mm) Granular “A”
2″ (50 mm) and 3/4″ (19mm) Granular “B”

Roadside Aggregates On Site Crushing

Specializes in using its portable equipment to do on-site crushing and screening of materials at the customer’s construction and/or demolition site and have done so in many jurisdictions.

We have the experience, manpower and equipment necessary to perform your job. Our equipment makes our on-site crushing services quick, reliable and affordable.

We have the ability to crush and screen to the required specification and project needs, which sets us apart from the competition.

If you have a project that you think could benefit from on-site crushing, please contact us for an estimate or advice. We are available to assist you in understanding the permitting process, determining the economics and logistics of performing the work on your site or to advise you on the type of equipment that will be needed for your job.

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Benefits of Recycled Aggregate

Using recycled aggregate saves money for purchasers and it creates a green economy. Recycled aggregate takes less energy to make than creating brand new material. Roadside Aggregates believes that crushed concrete is an environmentally friendly approach for a cleaner tomorrow and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.